Jay S. Laffat
Shot by Omar Zaki in Berlin, Germany

Through my lens, I reveal the human spirit in its most unguarded moments. As a French photographer living in vibrant Berlin, I strive to capture raw emotion and preserve fleeting instants.

In my decade behind the camera, I've learnt that true beauty lies not in manufactured perfection, but in arresting vulnerability that reflects our naked truths. Exploring shibari intensified this mission, unveiling the spectrum of discomfort and bliss, anguish and release. My imagery explores these sensations.

Whilst I have my own studio, I prefer to shoot outdoors when possible. Nature elicits an elemental rawness no manmade environment can replicate. Unbound by four walls, we connect differently with the wilderness. Seeking vulnerable emotion, I've found nothing frees people like escaping into nature and help them tap into primal instincts long forgotten.

A few years ago I discovered analogue photography. I fell for the vintage cameras, their simplicity and timeless aesthetic. I enjoy choosing films, crafting each frame, and developing rolls myself. Whether shooting digital or analogue, the process taught me to approach every photo with care and intent.

I tend to develop photographic series around specific themes or emotions. When a concept coalesces into a cohesive body of work, I compile the photos into a new book.

If this resonates, contact me at . Share your vision, and let's discuss how we might collaborate to bring an impactful project to life and let's capture it together.