Leipniztsee With Matilda

On one of those scorching hot summer days in Berlin, the weather forecast predicted 38°C. Every Berliner planned to head to a lake to find relief from the heat. Matilda and I made the same plan, with an extra step - we would pitch a tent in the forest and stay there overnight. The trails circled the lake, giving us a chance to take refreshing dips in the water to cool off as we hiked. After our last swim, Matilda realised she had forgotten her sleeping bag at home - the one I lent her! With storms also predicted overnight, we decided to play it safe and head back that evening after our 26 km hike. It was our first hike together, and though not everything went as planned, we still had a fantastic time exploring the trails and swimming in the crisp, clean lake. The mishaps just left us eager for the next adventure we'll share!