Peaks of the Balkans

For five incredible months, we embarked on an extraordinary journey through the captivating landscapes of South East Europe, empowered by the freedom of our campervan. Crossing numerous countries, our adventure unfolded from Berlin, leading us through Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Slovakia. As we made our way westward, we traveled along the picturesque Atlantic coast of France and the enchanting northern coast of Spain, until we reached Galicia.

Amidst our epic voyage, one standout experience shone brightly: the inspiring 192-kilometer through-hike, known as the Peaks of the Balkans. This remarkable trek guided us through the heart of Kosovo, Montenegro, and Albania, where we were captivated by magnificent vistas and embraced by the warm embrace of incredible people. This extraordinary journey not only revealed breathtaking landscapes but also allowed us to immerse ourselves in cultures previously unknown to us. We met extraordinary individuals whose stories and traditions illuminated the vibrant tapestry of this region.

The pictures we share with you now represent a mere glimpse into the wonders we experienced throughout our adventure. They cannot capture the true essence of the moments we lived, the connections we forged, or the profound impact this journey had on us. It is our hope that these images ignite within you a desire to discover more about this enchanting region. South East Europe beckons with its rich culture, stunning landscapes, and the promise of extraordinary encounters that will forever enrich your soul.