Winter in Finland

After enjoying a wonderful summer in Finland, I couldn't resist the urge to return and experience the country in the depths of winter. Accompanied by my friend Noa, we decided to rent a cozy cabin by a frozen lake, craving the tranquility that awaited us. However, our excitement was momentarily dampened when we discovered that the Berlin airport had lost our luggage. Despite the initial stress, as soon as we arrived at the cabin and ignited a crackling fire, all our worries melted away. We spent our days taking leisurely walks amidst the breathtaking winter landscape and exploring the nearby woods on snowshoes. The frozen lake provided a serene backdrop, allowing us to embrace the calmness of the surroundings and leave all our troubles behind. The experience was so remarkable that it left us yearning to revisit this place in the summer and witness its transformation into a whole new world of vibrant beauty. Finland truly captured our hearts once again, this time in its winter wonderland.