Evasion cover

The story behing the book

Evasion is my first photo book. In spring 2021, yet another wave of covid-19 cases hit us. After a grim winter, stuck in Berlin, with no option to visit my family as vaccines were not yet available, I started to spend more time in nature. It was the only place where I felt safe outside and could help improve my mental health.

Some friends had the same desire to leave home and made beautiful pictures. So we roamed the woods around Berlin with my newly acquired Hasselblad 501CM and rolls of black and white Ilford HP5+.

Quickly I witnessed how the wilderness had a different impact on them. Some were having fun like children, and others were, on the contrary, at peace and calm in these woods. Others felt free from the need to follow societal behaviour, took their clothes off, and started dancing and running around. I realized that capturing all these different genuine behaviour was something to capture and that I should create an entire body of work resulting in my first beautiful book.

Nine months later, following the cycle of nature, I gave birth to Evasion. This book involved eleven friends who joined me in this adventure, danced in the woods, climbed on trees, swam in lakes and stinky swamps, made incredible acrobatics and got eaten by mosquitoes. Thank you to all of you; you'll always have a special place in my heart.

Some technical details about the book

Deluxe Edition

This edition has some of the best features a photo book can offer.

It's 30x30cm format with a hardcover and a layflat binding. All pictures are printed on thick premium matt paper, which lets you enjoy the photographs without distracting reflections.

I shot all pictures on Ilford film with my Hasselblad 501CM. In addition, I developed and scanned every single roll at home.

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Printing a single copy of the book is pretty expensive. Therefore, I decided to run a pre-order campaign and make everyone benefit from the discount obtained when printed in bulk.

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